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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help individuals from infancy through adolescence improve their ability to perform everyday tasks from important self-care activities to social interaction.

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Occupational therapists focus on the acquisition of developmental milestones through gross & fine motor play, development of self-care abilities, social skills, handwriting, oral motor, behavior, sensory integrative development and more.

Our OT's also specialize in treating children with mild to severe Sensory Integration Disorders. Children with diagnosis such as ADD, ADHD, FAS, Autism or children labeled as having behavior or attention problems often have underlying sensory processing problems. We help children and their parents make sense out of what may seem to them an overwhelming and chaotic world. As they gain the skills to integrate their sensory systems and process the world around them, they begin to have energy left over to concentrate on school work. They learn to identify and self regulate their activity level, can better control their behavior in a busy classroom, and the many transitions associated with a normal school day often become easier.

Common Conditions Treated:

  • Developmental Delay


  • Sensory Integration Disorder

  • Feeding and Oral motor problems

  • Down Syndrome

  • Drug Affected/Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Genetic Disorders

Treatments May Include:

  • Fine & Gross Motor Development

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Sensory Integration Treatment

  • Oral Motor/Feeding Therapy

  • Floortime

  • ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis)

  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment

  • Therapeutic Listening Program

  • Strengthening

  • Splint Fabrication

  • Equipment Recommendations

  • Adaptation of Daily Activities

  • Parent Education

  • Teacher Collaboration

  • Safety and Prevention Program

  • Handwriting Without Tears

Learn about Sensory Integration therapy provided here at PTS

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