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Our Mission

Empowering children and families to reach their fullest potential through movement, play, and connection. 

We value family as an integral part of the care team. Your therapist collaborates with the family to implement an individualized plan for your child. Families are supported through coordination of services, advocacy, and assistance to enhance their child's development.

We believe it is essential to nurture the inner drive for growth and development. Therapy should be fun and offer a challenge that promotes the progress of new skills as well as continue to build a sense of competence and well-being.

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Pediatric Therapy Services is owned by Jami Baillie, DPT. Jami believes that every child has the potential to make gains and that children can make progress at any point in their development. This practice fulfills her dream of providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy in a fun, innovative, and family-centered environment.

Many parents are now choosing to participate in medically-based therapy in addition to what may be provided through early intervention and school-based services. Direct therapy helps to train the parents to be able to do therapy activities at home and what to work on next. School therapists focus on the educational aspect of your child's development.

Our History

Our Approach

Parental involvement is also a core component in all of our therapy sessions. By participating in the sessions, parents learn first-hand how to incorporate the therapeutic techniques we use during therapy time on a day-to-day basis while bonding with their children in a positive, enriching environment. Parents are supported through coordination of services, advocacy, and assistance with community resources. All therapies incorporate play and motivating activities with the goal of the functional use of communication skills in the child's everyday environments.

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